Never again DHL!

29. May 2022, Sunday
13° 30' 35" N, 120° 57' 0" E

As you may remember from the last logbook entry, we have been waiting since mid-April for a package with a spare part which, despite knowing better, we accidentally had DHL send it from Germany.
First it hung around at Frankfurt Airport for 2 weeks until it was finally sent. After that it disappeared for a while - until it turned up in the shipment tracking in the Philippines on May 6th.

Nothing happened until May 26th, so eventually we drove to the local post office ourselves - and there it was somewhere in a corner of the filthy post office with other "undeliverable" packages and no one felt responsible for delivering the package. The local Philippine partner PHL was responsible. Philippine Post.
It is clear that with such partners and one's own inability one does not exactly cover oneself with glory.

(I can imagine that you have already had similar experiences with DHL & Co.)

In the same period we ordered 2 packages with FedEx in France.
Delivery time 4 days!
Even to the front door.
That's how it works dear DHL!

Well, I had to get rid of that now.

We installed everything and are finally on our way again.
We are now in Puerto Galera on the island of Mindoro. UNESCO has declared this place a biosphere reserve.
A fantastically sheltered bay and one of the "sailing hotspots" in the Philippines.
However, there are only about 20 sailing yachts at the moment spread across the large bay.
We have recorded first impressions in the current pictures and we are excited about what we will see here in the near future
can still discover everything.