Living in the past

05. December 2021, Sunday
11° 7' 54" N, 119° 14' 34" E

Often we sit on board of Odin or on the beach and look at this wonderful nature which certainly looked exactly like this 100, 500 or 1000 years ago.
The islands' rocks are too rugged, the landscape too wild for anyone who want to found a village or build a hotel complex here.
Mother nature protects itself.
So it's a little bit like traveling back in time.
We listen to the lapping of the waves and imagine we would have catapulted ourselves back 1000 years, to a time long before Magellan discovered this beautiful archipelago ... If…well, if it weren't for the Internet.
We have not yet decided whether the messages that reach us from the rest of the world should depress us or make us happy because we are so far away from it all.
Living so peacefully in and with nature we feel everything that has been going on worldwide for almost two years is like a hysterical panic in which nobody really knows what he is doing.
Families, friends and strangers quarrel over reproduced different opinions that have not grown on their own crap.
They seem to have lost sight of facts and reality and everyone just turns "around their own axis" with their own opinion… given by others.

"Why do we still look on the Internet?" Frel asks me while we are sitting on the beach and the warm water of the sea is playing around our feet.
Hmmmm… oh… look there a cockatoo in the tree.

Change of subject. ;)