On the way up

27. September 2020, Sunday
11° 12' 33" N, 119° 22' 43" E

Since the islands here are not only sandy islets, but also always have jungle and impressive cliffs and mountains.
We naturally want to get to know this part of the island as well. One island was of particular interest to us. Bukal Island!
It rises steeply out of the sea, has jungle and sandy beach in addition to a protected anchorage, so everything your heart desires. We want to go up there!
I look at Freldelyn seriously and say with all seriousness I can: "So we go up there very carefully. In no case should we stumble or slip on the razor-sharp rock and possibly fall into one of the narrow crevices, because this would peel our skin off like a potato with a peeler! "
My adventurous partner nods and rolls her eyes, but if anything happened with her razor-sharp rocks here on the uninhabited island on the way to the mountain top through jungle, caves and over narrow gorges, we would be in real trouble here on this uninhabited island.

The most important items of equipment are leather work gloves, because touching the rocks with bare hands would not last long. Before we even reach the top of the small island, I wore off my first pair of gloves.
I sweat like crazy, but the view and nature up here are terrific.
The sun is now beating down from the sky around noon and sucking the liquid out of our bodies faster than we can refill it.
On the way down we stop in a cave that is comparatively cool.
As a botanist, Frel can enjoy all sorts of inconspicuous plants and, of course, this time too, she tries to expand my botanical knowledge with small lectures about plants. (Yawn)
However, this time I'm even happy because these explanations are a welcome break on the way down.
We arrived at the beach with a good feeling of exhaustion and let ourselves fall into the warm water with our clothes.