Corona update from paradise

02. August 2020, Sunday
11° 11' 18" N, 119° 17' 13" E

As I write these lines at anchor the wind howls outside with gusts of over 30 knots.
We had complained all the time that there was no real sailing wind here, but Mother Nature taught us better again.
It is a bit too windy for exploring the dinghy and so we spend the time sorting the pictures of the past few days and writing a new logbook entry.

There is Corona news:
Two days ago we learned from the Coast Guard that the Corona restrictions on Palawan have been lifted. Tourism within the islands of Palawan should now be possible again. OK then!
The island lives almost exclusively from foreign tourism and since this has collapsed completely for months, the glorious government realized that people also have to eat, because there is no such thing as a social network. So tourism has been allowed within Palawan.
However, very few people will be able to raise the money for tourist activities, since the savings, if any, will be needed for daily survival.
The foreign travelers bring the money!
Until they can return, that will probably take some time.
Palawan has less than one million inhabitants in an area of ​​14,650 square kilometers. Currently, the number of people with corona infection is just over 100 with mild symptoms. Percentage: 0.0001% In other words, 99.999% are healthy and the risk of becoming infected is low. Tourism would be possible ... if there is money.
This also shows how far politicians are from the actual situation of their "subjects".
Selfishly, however, we are happy to enjoy this paradise without any tourists hordes. ;)