Christmas in Kota Kinabalu

26. December 2019, Thursday
5° 58' 21" N, 116° 4' 23" E

For the 13th time I have now spent Christmas on board of Odin.
In retrospect, it is exciting never to know in which country you will be spending the next Christmas - and so until recently we had no idea that it would be in Kota Kinabalu this time.

The city at the foot of the highest mountain of Borneo, the Kinabalu with its impressive height of over 4000 meters, is one of the most lovable that we have found so far in Southeast Asia,
we will tell you about that in the near future because want to stay in the area for at least some weeks.
Christmas temperatures of 30 degrees hardly create a festive atmosphere and so we actually only found out that it was Christmas on December 25th during an excursion inland.

Well then: Happy holidays!

The Christmas trip to one of the nature reserves made us hungry for more, but whether we will climb the Kinabalu with its more than 4000 meters with our sailor legs is still written in the stars.

The motto of the Swinger Clubs applies ... everything can - nothing has to! ;)