01. July 2019, Monday
2° 43' 23" N, 104° 11' 55" E

If I had fallen into the sea, I could not be more wet !
I'm sweating like a waterfall!
There is no place that is dry on me!

When did I last went into mountain climbing? Nevermind..
Together with other sailors from different countries we have got the idea to conquer the Dragonhorn, a mountain in the south of Tioman.
Humidity of almost 100%, primeval forest like a steam sauna and anything but hiking trails, drives the sweat in gallons out of our pores.
The previous night was to much party with me and that takes its revenge now.
But giving up is not an option!
This time I'm so thankful for Frel's biological explanations of the flora here on the mountain because it gives me some small breathing breaks in which I can drip my sweat into the jungle soil.

When we arrived at the top, our small international German, Philippine, French, Australian, Belgian and Irish expedition had a gigantic view. Too bad that this can hardly be captured by the a camera!

The way back was a painful experience due a little rain which makes the trail more slippery. Add that to the decaying materials from trees and mossy rocks, I have to bring my 90 kilos safe to the shore.
All returned to the sea without sprains or fractures.

We slept like stones and wakes with a sore muscles. Every inch hurts!. ;)

It was fun!