01. April 2019

01. April 2019, Monday
6° 42' 3" N, 99° 38' 34" E

Tarutao .... What a nice word!
That sounds almost Polynesian and reminds me of the South Seas.
However, the island of Tarutao is located in the very south of the west coast of Thailand and is a national park.
Ko Tarutao is one of Thailand's largest islands and, favored by its rich bays, the high mountains and the inaccessible interior, pirates used this island as a hideaway for their numerous forays in the busy waterway between the Malaysian peninsula and Sumatra for centuries. At the beginning of the last century, the British put an end to this activity, and the pirates were hunted down and hanged in masses.
After that she became a prison island

It is our last stop in Thailand, because a few miles further south is already Langkawi where we will clear in Malaysia and finally get back to fresh food.

Before, however, the luxury of loneliness at anchor, on deck and on the beach is extensively enjoyed, because swimming is not possible. The reason; at the moment we have countless huge pink colored jellyfish that populate the sea here.
With 40 to 50 cm in diameter, these critters with their quiet and elegant movements are nice to look at, but closer acquaintance must then not be forced.

Walking along the endless beach in the early morning, inventing a few imaginative pirate stories in this area and enjoying the day and the sun sinking into the sea in the evening, there's nothing more to do here on Tarutao.
Life is Beautiful!