21. September 2014, Sunday
17° 46' 57" S, 177° 11' 16" E

Well, it took a while, but finally the penny dropped.
What am I writing about?
Well, we are walking along a lonely beach in the Mamanuca group, suddenly we find a strange vehicle, which must have washed up on this beach a long time ago.
Very strange!
Up close, the whole thing didn't look Fijian put together at all, but more professionally, like a forgotten Hollywood backdrop.
Since the cast away with Tom Hanks was being filmed about 5 miles from here, Uts said jokingly that must be Hanks' raft.
kiss me fat
THE RAFT OF THE FED EX MAN.....and Wilson!

We photographed the part with its foamed fiberglass tree trunks and the metal construction and compared it with the original on the internet and are now sure that the part comes from Cast away.
Will the raft bring anything on ebay?