Christina Haverkamp

14. September 2014, Sunday
18° 6' 42" S, 178° 23' 33" E

Man, that's a bummer!
Imagine flying to the other side of the world, expecting to arrive in a South Seas paradise, and what you find is a sailing yacht in a boring if exotic industrial port.
Well, we're talking about our current visit, our friend Christina, who arrived almost 2 weeks ago and had to wait with us here in Suva for the delivery of our new on-board batteries.
After almost 3 months, these finally arrived on a freighter from Singapore, were brought on board and installed. What a great feeling not having to run the noisy generator every morning to recharge the old batteries. Power without end!!!
Finally the time has come, we are, so to speak, full of juice, can leave Suva and show our friend the beauties of Fiji.