charge batteries

7. July 2014, Monday
17° 0' 24" S, 177° 19' 59" E

Since the beginning of this journey in 2007, our friend Rudi has visited us every year on the Odin in a different distant country.
So this time it was a premiere that he headed for a target for the second time.
However, we had no concerns that he might get bored on his repeated visits to Fiji. But on the contrary!
After all, we now know many of the most beautiful places, islands and reefs, so we are experienced tour guides.
Rudi is already of the opinion that this is the best of all his trips so far, but he has that feeling every year ;)
The solitude of the places visited, the beauty of the South Seas, and the kindness of the people and life on board is not only wonderfully relaxing, but also helps to clear your head for new ideas and thoughts.
It's wonderfully easy to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries in this ambience, and Rudi uses this extensively to recharge his batteries.