Nothing negative to report

20. June 2014, Friday
18° 53' 19" S, 178° 27' 54" E

Why do we hardly ever talk about the negative things that happen to us on this journey?
I guess it's because the positive things we're allowed to experience make all the little mishaps or inconveniences seem trivial. (At least in hindsight ;)
For example, at the moment we have a defective charger that normally supplies our on-board batteries with power. We should actually sail to Suva and order this important part from Australia or New Zealand.....Oh, you can temporarily charge with the ship's diesel and the solar panels also help a little. Why should we leave these paradisiacal places here now.
By the way, at the moment we are a real fleet of three Amel yachts, Odin, Luna Blu and Abora.
We got to know the German Abora with Wolfgang and Ellen in Panama shortly before our canal crossing, met them again a year later by chance in French Polynesia and now, after another three years, here in Fiji. It's true: the world is really a village.
We spend the days together at Astrolabe Riff and Kandavu before the other two head off to Australia because who knows if we'll ever see each other again.