wind on your nose

4. June 2014, Wednesday
17° 37' 31" S, 178° 46' 0" E

Now we are on our way to the south and have exactly the wind that we actually needed to get to the Lau Group to the east, namely south wind.
So we're not getting any further at the moment, because sailing against the wind is not possible and we are crossing wind and waves against 25 knots.... no thanks!
So we've been stuck for days in the north of the island of Ovalau, in the wonderfully sheltered bay of Rukuruku, waiting for the right wind.
The wait doesn't bother us, after all it's beautiful here, like everywhere in the South Seas and the most important thing: we are millionaires...millionaires time! ;)
Twice a week a truck with benches on the loading area, the local luxury coach, drives from the village of Rukuruku to Levuka, the old capital of Fiji. So, together with Paul and Liliane, we take the opportunity to pick up fresh provisions again at the local market.
Liliane also celebrated her 29th birthday this week for the 32nd time. ;)
Here we met Rukuruku, a Fijian named Bobo, who spoke to us in German, which surprised us a the middle of the bush. Bobo is married to a German woman and they have been running a small farm in the middle of the jungle with a cozy little guest house for over 20 years. A very, very small one, since guests very rarely get lost in the jungle. In short, it was the ideal location for Liliane's birthday and certainly one of the most original locations she has ever celebrated.