Leper Island

29. May 2014, Thursday
17° 26' 51" S, 178° 58' 7" E

MANKOGAI, a small island east of Viti Levu, was the leper colony of Fiji until the last century. Today there is a breeding facility for sea turtles and giant clams on the site with the dilapidated houses of the infirmary.
The project is miles away from perfection, well, it's Fiji, but that doesn't detract from the fascination of this place.
We are traveling with our Swiss sailing friends Paul and Liliane from the yacht Luna Blu, also an Amel.
On Makongai there is also a scary program for the girls: East of the former infirmary more than 1000 of the unfortunate former lepers (or what was left of them) are buried.
The cemetery in the middle of the jungle with its spooky half-ruined graves and the mass-produced, now weathered concrete crosses would be an ideal location for a B Class zombie movie.
But it would also be a fantastic place to throw a wacky Halloween party.
It's a shame, the season just doesn't fit. ;)