Bad luck declared over!

22. May 2014, Thursday
16° 25' 31" S, 179° 21' 6" E

Sorry dear friends that there hasn't been a new logbook entry for so long, but May wasn't my month at all!
Somehow the worm was really in there. First I stab my leg with a knife, then we get robbed at a bus stop in Labassa. That means Paul from the Swiss yacht Luna Blu and I had our wallets ripped out of our pants at a bus stop.
In addition to the financial damage totaling 600 euros, Paul's credit cards and driver's license had also disappeared. Nice crap!
But May had even more to offer.
I had sent my headsail to the only sail maker within thousands of square miles in Denerau for an overhaul and what I got back looked like a 70 square foot piece of used King Kong toilet paper. During transport, due to the usual carelessness, rusty water and gear oil ran over the sail.
The annoying thing is that these stains will probably never go out. Compensation is not to be expected here either and therefore a few thousand euros are due for a new genoa (large headsail). Great!
Actually, we wanted to have left Savu Savu for a long time, but as I said, May is not my lucky month. The wind has been blowing from the wrong direction for quite some time to reach our next destination in the east, the so-called forbidden islands of the Lau group.
So, we give up waiting and sail south to the Astrolabe Reef first, and then in a few weeks we will visit the Lau Group on a north-easterly course.
By the way, as if all that wasn't enough.... ;))))) the beginning of May, Uts came back on board after more than 5 months in Germany, Thailand and Hong Kong, exhausted and pale.
She founded a company there with her brother and worked through the whole months while I, very cleverly, enjoyed life ;) .
Tomorrow we anchor and cross the Koro Sea and its islands for diving into the Astrolabe Reef.
I just decided: The bad luck is hereby officially over !!!! ;)