3. May 2014, Saturday
Position unbekannt

Bosun's knives don't have a point, now I know why!
It often happens that a small job is done quickly out of the hollow of your hand, or that the ship rocks. Since sharp knives can be dangerous on board, that's why you only use boatswain's knives on a ship.
That's the theory.
When I wanted to cut open a piece of hose lengthwise, lying on my thigh, this truism had probably slipped my mind for a short time and I promptly slipped with a sharp pointed jackknife.
Shit, a hole in the new pants!
When I took a closer look under my pants, which were pushed up, I had the brief opportunity to admire a piece of my thigh bone without an expensive X-ray machine.
However, not for long.
As expected, I began to leak at this body opening, which is not intended by nature. Lots of blood all over the cockpit.
While the hole in the pants did not require immediate action, it was probably advisable to see a doctor with a needle and thread after applying a pressure bandage to stop the bleeding.
Lucky in misfortune, I was not somewhere on a lonely island, but in the small town of Savusavu, in which there is even a tiny, very, very simple hospital.
Half a dozen stitches, a tetanus shot and lots of penecilin tablets and the leg is almost like new again.
My request to the doctor to sew up the trousers at the same time was unfortunately not complied with. ;)
Oh yes, maybe a word about the treatment costs in Fiji:
All in all the equivalent of about 20 euros. As I said, mend without pants! ;)