On the road for 7 years

27. March 2014, Thursday
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Well, it's probably time to hear something from me here in the logbook, or rather read it, after all I have unlimited time, even if I'm admittedly a little lazy to write at the moment.
You know, the nice thing about unlimited time is, among other things, that you can spend it wonderfully with books. So I'm currently reading an ancient book that I read when I was young and that you probably know: Jules Verne, Around the World in 80 Days.
Lying on deck in the shade and devouring page after page, I think to myself, hey, they were really fast in the 19th century! At least compared to me, because I've been on the road for almost 80 MONTHS and only managed half of it.
Well, not exactly record-breakingly fast, but I, we have visited dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, villages and islands.
But, as already mentioned in another log entry, this journey is also something like the discovery of slowness. Not so easy for a Central European! Yes, almost a great art that you only have to learn over the years. ;)
Friends with whom I spoke about the project at the beginning of this trip will remember my statement that I plan about 6 years for my first circumnavigation and then take really good time with the second one.
Well dear friends, this is my 7th year on the road and I've only circumnavigated half of the globe.
What is the consequence of this?
Hiiiiiiiiiiilfe...... what???.....already half gone?????? Now slowly!!!!
I just got my Fiji visa extended for another year. Yay!!!
From now on it's time... really... nice.... take your time!!! ;))