Still namea reef

25. February 2014, Tuesday
17° 6' 7" S, 179° 5' 30" E

The fact that we ran out of gas for the diving compressor here, in this underwater paradise of Namena, was not too tragic, after all we also wanted to do some apnea dives, i.e. dive without tanks and equipment.
Also, apart from the fact that we are running out of food and fishing or harpooning is forbidden here on the reef for a good reason, the Wetzter was a convincing argument to leave our anchorage here in the name of the reef.
According to the forecast, a heavy, day-long storm and cyclone is brewing in the next few days, which would make another stay here on the reef life-threatening.

So, a few more apnea excursions underwater, marveling at this incredible beauty and then sailing back into the sheltered creek of Savusavu to weather the storm.
But one thing is certain:
Namena hasn't seen the last of me....
...or to put it in the words of the terminator: I BE BACK!