Odin's servant

3. December 2013, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

Well my dears, life can be hard and unfair.
While you are in Germany experiencing the cozy Advent season, with cookies and Advent wreaths, I work here in the sweat of my brow, at over 30 degrees in the shade, which is not available on deck at work, and I give Odin a beauty treatment.
The deck has suffered a bit in terms of beauty over the years, the sun and the salt water. So, it was time to repaint the heavily worn grout strips. (Otherwise you don't have any problems ;)
Sanding approx. 400 meters of joints in the blazing sun, cleaning with acetone and painting with 2-component special paint and a special tool is real slave labor.
But as you can see in the pictures, it's quite good, or rather fantastic, perfect, a work of art.
I'm proud of myself and happy like a chipmunk ;)