Where time stands still

21. June 2013, Friday
16° 30' 35" S, 178° 42' 12" E

To get straight to the point:
No, we haven't drowned, nor have we lost interest in writing a log.
The reason that we haven't posted an entry or pictures for a long time was simply that we were far away from any internet connection.
Uts' brother, Axel, was on board for the past 3 weeks and we wanted to show him the solitude far away from any modernity and tourism.
The north of Vanua Levu, the 2nd largest island in Fiji, is just right for this.
Except for a few isolated small villages there is nothing here. Absolutely nothing!!
Mile after mile, dense mangrove belts stretch along the coast, mountains and palm forests behind them and hardly a sailor strays here.
Here, in northern Vanua Levu, time has stood still for ages.