Aliens and conspiracy theories

29. June 2013, Saturday
16° 11' 25" S, 179° 51' 29" E

As you probably know from one of the previous logbook entries, the Fiji Islands with their shoals and reefs are one of the world's most dangerous sailing areas in terms of navigation! .
There are no beacons or navigation marks and the nautical charts do not always correspond to reality anyway.

The reason why we reminded ourselves a few days ago how dangerous it is here was the wreck of a sailing ship called ALSO, which we found here off the remote north coast of Vanua Levu.
She was stranded there in front of an island and believe it or not, her owner Jim, a long time ago US Formula 5000 racing driver, simply settled on this island with his Japanese wife Kyoko after his yacht crashed.
He named the island ALSO Island after his ship, cobbled together a small factory out of corrugated iron and is now pressing special virgin coconut oil for the international market.
Well, some people grow from their problems
Otherwise, Jim believes in UFOs, extraterrestrials and conspiracy theories.

But let's be honest: Which sailor doesn't have a little quirk? ;)