Fiji..we're staying!

6. April 2013, Saturday
Position unbekannt

To get straight to the point:
Odin is back in the water and all repairs are done.
Although it took four times as long as planned and due to the long stay in the shipyard and the additional hotel costs, the project was twice as expensive as planned.
But the result is impressive. Odin looks almost new.

Uts is also back from her trip to the shopping paradises of Hong Kong and Taipei.
Oh yes, actually now, at the beginning of April, is the time to sail west.
New Caledonia, Vanuato, Solomon Islands.
We would then be out of the beautiful South Seas by summer...but do we want that?
We have applied for a new visa to stay in Fiji for another year, because after all we have only seen a fraction of the more than 300 Fiji Islands.