The clocks tick differently here

26. March 2013, Tuesday
17° 46' 18" S, 177° 22' 47" E

Odin should actually be back in the water long ago. Instead, she is still in the shipyard and not even half of the work is done.
Yes, sure I know what you think now,
After all the time we've been sailing through the South Seas, I should have gotten used to the South Seas time, especially the fact that there is no stress here.
Well, if I take a deep breath and quietly say OMMMMMMMM it works and I continue to enjoy my vacation...alone...because Uts flew to HongKong and Taipei for a week. So to speak, vacation from vacation vacation ;o)
Speaking of vacation:
The shipyard is in Denerau and as you now know, Denerau is one of the holiday strongholds in Fiji.
There is even a cruise ship every few weeks
with many well-heeled and very well stout guests.
Hundreds of them are carted ashore, run like crazy through the few souvenir shops to be able to prove at home that they were in Fiji for 3 hours.
Just as in Bavaria or Austria some natives put on their traditional costumes for tourists and perform strange dances, so this is also done here in Fiji.
Tourism is the same everywhere in the world .... there is only one difference:
Here the traditional costumes grow again and again. ;O)