On the hard

18. March 2013, Monday
Position unbekannt

So now the hard time begins, because Odin is in the shipyard and is on dry land.
Well, I don't want to fool you, it won't be that hard.
Since it is too hot to work, we handed over the ship work to the shipyard in Denerau without further ado and moved to a totally cute, remote hotel inland from Viti Levu.
After all, vacations have to be.
Since we have only seen beaches and the sea for years, the idea of the hotel in the interior was actually a good one.....except for the fact that we are at the end of the world and only twice a day an old Kamikaze bus that dislocates the spine operates on this remote stretch of dirt road. However, if it rains and the track is muddy, then sometimes not.
Hey, what the heck....?! We are in Fiji!