Reserve low tide

12. March 2013, Tuesday
16° 47' 19" S, 177° 32' 0" E

Our supplies on board have reached dramatic proportions in the empty area.
Unfortunately, the plan to get fresh food in the villages of the Yasawas failed.
Cyclone Evan, which hit Fiji in mid-December, destroyed the entire year's fruit and vegetable harvest. So there is nothing to buy or swap here except yams and coconuts.
We have enough fish, squid or lobster, but in the long run even this gets boring.
So now it's time to leave the beautiful Yasawa Islands and sail to Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji.
But this is not the only reason for our return to the mainland, as Viti Levu is called by the locals.
Odin is coming to the shipyard!
The storm damage from December needs to be fixed and the ship needs to be pulled out of the water to have some new antifouling applied and some TLC done.
A lot of work is waiting for us now... and a huge hole in the board cash.