Captain Cook feeling

4. March 2013, Monday
16° 51' 0" S, 177° 28' 0" E

16 degrees 50 min. South 177 degrees 28 min. East.
We are in front of Sava I Lau Island.
Here we want to visit the caves in the huge block of coral that rose from the sea many centuries ago and became a forested mountain.
Coral rock, sand, lava rock... it's amazing how different the islands here in the Yasawas are from each other, even though they're only a few kilometers away... sorry! nautical miles apart.
We anchor in the shadow of the huge former coral block.
When night falls here, far from electric light, only the stars and moon illuminate the island.
As they did in the days of Captain Cook and long, long before him...and will continue to do so when we shall all be gone.