horror cyclone

22. December 2012, Saturday
17° 46' 17" S, 177° 23' 4" E

We sailed back to the Marina and Resort Denerau, or what's left of it after Cyclone Evan. A pair of wedged floating docks, that's it.
Luckily the marina was evacuated from the cyclone and all boats took shelter elsewhere...except for...well, for a few multi-millionaires who docked in front of the villa.
Particularly macabre:
One of the multinationals gave himself a 6 million dollar motor yacht for Christmas, you don't treat yourself to anything else. This was delivered less than 2 weeks ago and now stood proudly in front of his holiday villa.
Now, she lies sunken in front of it. million damage!
What do we learn from this?
It's good that our and your wishes are much more modest.
If the worst comes to the worst, this reduces the amount of damage immensely ;o)

We wish you all, dear friends, a Merry Christmas with many, many great gifts, but above all health and happiness ;o)