Wind speeds up to 270 kmh

18. December 2012, Tuesday
17° 40' 50" S, 177° 23' 10" E

To anticipate it:
We are doing well, weathering the worst cyclone to hit Fiji on record in 1941 with no personal injury.
Odin has gotten something, but this can be repaired for a few thousand and not so bad.
There were repeated urgent warnings not to go outside, however, Uts and I spent many hours fighting like world champions on deck to protect our floating home from the worst damage.
The wind pushed other yachts towards Odin and blew the protective fenders across with tremendous force, which we tried again and again to put in place so that the hull of our yacht would not be damaged too badly.
Also cross-flying rain with more than 270 km/h felt on the face like a sandblaster and was definitely the most extreme face peeling we have ever experienced.

We were in the safest marina (port) in the entire South Seas, the only one that Lloyds says is hurricane-proof.
Overall, there was a total of several hundred thousand euros in damage here in the marina, but measured against what else Evan caused here on the islands, a no brainer.

For example, the Marina of Denerau, where we were just a week ago and took the last pictures, this Mecca of tourism no longer exists.
Fiji is like a war zone.
Cars have been thrown through the area, bridges and roads are no longer passable, electricity and water supplies have been cut off, thousands of people are homeless, public life has come to a standstill.