Sometimes I'm jealous of you!

28. October 2012, Sunday
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Oh, you dear enviable beings at home, you only have to go to specialist shops, full of capable employees and all spare the moment we envy you again.
Sure, we took it sporty at first! Our defective engine was first a challenge, then a never-ending story, but now the whole thing is slowly turning into a nightmare.
After the right starter finally arrived from Germany and it was installed by the mechanics on board, it partially broke up into its components after a few attempts to start it. It is now no longer possible to determine how this could have happened.
Whether the mechanics made a mistake during installation or whether it was a material defect is difficult to say.
Anyway, it's a fucking SHIT!
Another possibility is to have a spare part sent by express from Germany at the horrendous transport costs. The other one: We have the defective plastic (?!) ring gear made of brass. Is faster and cheaper than sending! Let's see if something will happen.
The day before yesterday our urgently needed power generator also died. Of course there are no spare parts in Fiji... logical.
After running our feet for alternatives, Peter (Malycha) informed us that he had the same generator, although it was defective, but the part we need is still in order. Blessing in disguise!
Well, now we hope that the replica of the spare part will work, because at some point our streak of bad luck has to come to an end.
Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!