Never ending story

16. October 2012, Tuesday
Position unbekannt

I keep humming a track from the 80s, namely “Never ending Story” by Limahl.
No wonder, because the endless story about our starter continues.
Now that the 3rd starter has arrived, this time from New Zealand, we are delighted to find out in the engine compartment: SHITTHIS DIRTY THING DOESN'T FIT!
Now my chief mechanic tells me (after all these weeks) that he can also repair the part. He just has to remove something from another starter and what doesn't fit is made to fit!
End of the story, this starter also blesses the temporal and he gives me mine back as a puzzle, kindly without extra charge.
At that moment there was definitely no turtleneck sweater that would have fit me with the thick neck.
But before the neck could burst due to overstretching, Peter came to the rescue!
He is the base manager of Trans Ocean in Fiji, really helpful and after all the trouble he invites us on his yacht for a weekend trip.
After a boozy night off Nukulau, a former prison island, my throat has swelled up a bit and I can take care of the starter again.
Last plan: have it delivered persil-style from Germany (you know what you've got there!) by express.
Freight costs alone for the 6 kilo part: approx. 500 euros!
Music two three four......... Daaaaas can't shake a sailor........
(Luckily, Axel, Uts' brother, gives us a big discount on FedEx !!!)