fiji day

10. October 2012, Wednesday
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To get straight to the point:
No, the engine is not running yet!
We are still waiting for a spare part (starter) that supposedly arrived in Fiji last weekend.... but then only on Monday.... then it was missing.... then still in New Zealand.... last info: he should wait somewhere at the airport for his customs clearance. It remains exciting! ;O)
Didn't get a chance to ask today as it's Fiji Day, Independence Day.
Fiji has been independent from Great Britain since 1970, but English influence is omnipresent here.
Even if soldiers and policemen wear skirts, one feels very much reminded of the European island in the North Sea, with the awful food and the pale inhabitants.
In any case, the Fijis are very proud of their nation and are showing it off in their own endearing way on October 10th.
Bula Bula Fiji.