Just don't whine!

1. October 2012, Monday
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Absolutely not!
I won't whine!
Don't whine about how difficult it is to find reliable mechanics in such countries. I won't complain that there are no spare parts here, not a word about no one meeting deadlines, all of which we've learned over the last 5 years to embrace as part of the circumnavigation adventure.
But what really gets on my nerves here is the fact that Suva only knows 2 seasons: the rainy one and the one when it rains even more. Yaaaaa, I whine about that!
We are still lying between the wrecks in the dirty water of the port and hope that we will soon be able to find all the parts we need in Australia or New Zealand and have them flown in so that our ship's diesel engine, which has been half repaired in the meantime, is finally chugging again.
We spend the waiting time roaming around and shopping at local markets. The prices are just incredibly cheap compared to Polynesia.
Another reason we love going to the markets is that this is the best place to feel the pulse of each country.
Well, I'm not complaining anymore, because in this rainy city of Suva, the sun shines in the hearts of the people.
Sounds cheesy, but that's how it is! ;O)