Tropical fjord landscapes

9. September 2012, Sunday
18° 41' 25" S, 173° 57' 34" W

If we didn't know exactly that we are in Tonga, looking at the fjord landscapes, one might think (with a lot of imagination, or rum intus) that one is somewhere in midsummer in Sweden or Norway.
The view from Mount Talau, at 161 meters the highest mountain in the Vavaú group, is fantastic.
Here, at the anchorage in front of Neiafu, we met our Austrian sailing friends Heinz and Andrea. They are also anchored here with their aluminum yacht “YapYum”.
Such meetings are almost never planned 100%, only 99.5% ;o).
Just as we used to meet up with friends in pubs at home, today we simply meet up at unknown anchorages in foreign countries. It's fun to do things together, after all you're on the same wavelength.