island exploration

28. August 2012, Tuesday
19° 3' 15" S, 169° 56' 11" W

In the last 5 years of this trip, I have often asked myself why on earth I am carrying my heavy mountain boots on board.
Now I'm glad to have her.
On the first day, Uts had already sent her new “chic Puma jogging shoes” to the afterlife during a hike over the razor-sharp coral rock of the island.
This proves: There is nothing like heavy mountain boots in the South Seas! ;O)

But our on-board bicycles bought in Tahiti also provide us with valuable services when exploring the island. There is so much to discover that it would not be possible to walk and by car we would miss far too much.

"Niue International Airport" is proudly written on the sign that we cycle past.
Although there is only one plane per week and this always only from New Zealand, this day is "Action on the Island". The police stadium, the tourist office, customs, immigration, in short, everything will be closed and moved to the “International Airport”.
This is Niue! Just cute ;o)))

Our time on this "unplanned" paradise is coming to an end and our bow will now continue to point west. The wind is perfect and our next destination is the island kingdom of Tonga.