28. May 2012, Monday
16° 28' 29" S, 151° 43' 31" W

Mait te Pora is the old name of Bora Bora. It means "created by the gods".
One thing is for sure: these gods have gone to great lengths not only here but throughout Polynesia. An unbelievably extravagant nature, fertility, everything grows and flourishes, flowers everywhere you look, the people are definitely the loveliest in the world and everyone likes each other just the way they are. (Well, exceptions prove the rule ;o)
When I look at such "lovely" spots like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Saudi Arabia or other countries in the Middle East, plus the intolerance and doggedness of many of their intelligentsia-free, religiously fanatical inhabitants, then I think to myself: Yes, even among the gods there must be differences ;o)