Brilliant navigators

19. May 2012, Saturday
16° 30' 30" S, 151° 45' 18" W

As you know, the Polynesians were already excellent seafarers and explorers centuries before Columbus, Magelan, Cook and Co.
Unlike us Europeans, however, they did not oppress, enslave, rob and murder other peoples. They discovered and settled previously unknown islands and countries in the Pacific.
Polynesians were the greatest navigators of all time. Due to their precise observations and knowledge of wind, weather, ocean currents, cloud formation, star constellations over the course of the year, as well as the behavior of fish and birds, they were able to undertake such extensive trips in a targeted manner.
From Hawaii to New Zealand, they traveled into the unknown on their up to 25 meter long ocean-going catamarans, with up to 80 people, including supplies, seeds, seedlings and farm animals.
To commemorate this navigating culture, the action
"TE MANA O TE MOANA" (Sprit of the Sea) launched.
People from all over the Pacific region have rebuilt the stable and fast catamarans (with the help of a German sponsor).
The crews came from Hawaii, French Polynesia, Samoa, Fiji, the Cook Islands, Tonga, New Zealand, New Caledonia and the Solomon Islands and traveled thousands of miles together in their historic catamarans to commemorate their cultural heritage.
Even an all-female crew, thrown together from all Pacific countries, was there with their own cat.
It is logical that the locals here on Bora Bora celebrated their heroes well into the night....however....night comes very early here ;o)