Bora Bora is...far!

10. May 2012, Thursday
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More than 50 hours of pure flight time alone is a damn long arrival and departure time compared to a little more than 2 weeks of vacation. But anyone who has ever experienced the magic of the South Sea islands knows that it's worth it.
Rudi is on his way back to Germany, of course not without playing a round of golf on the stopover in Tahiti and if it works, even hitting the ball again in Moorea ;o)
It's a shame how quickly the time flew by, because once again we spent fantastic days together. We saw a lot, got to know new things (Rudi likes raw fish lately!), we laughed a lot, had great conversations and had interesting encounters.
Everyday life will soon have him back, but I hope that he will keep the magic of the South Seas in his heart for a long time to come.
"Mauruuru" is Tahitian for thank you.
Mauruuru dear Rudi for your friendship.