Alone again

18. March 2012, Sunday
17° 30' 0" S, 149° 49' 14" W

Uts is gone!
For a quarter of a year I will now be sailing alone through paradise with the Odin, because Uts left for Germany today, where she will be working on a project for 3 months.
Since I noticed that some of my friends don't even know where exactly we are, here is the flight route:
To fly to good old Germany you can choose the route west via Hawaii and the USA, or east via Japan. Flight time 12 hours. Then change and 10 more hours to Bangkok. (Then first a break for a week! She visits her brother and his family.)
Then back on the plane to Frankfurt. (Total travel time over 45 hours!)
In other words, paradise here is really gigantic far away, in the middle of nowhere!
That's a good thing, otherwise there would be too many here ;o)