12. March 2012, Monday
17° 30' 56" S, 149° 53' 40" W

As I write these lines, ukulele music and the incomparably wistful Tahitian music ring out from the shore to us on the ship.
Songs that tell of the sea and the longing of the people.
For hours, the Polynesians on the beach sing what their vocal chords allow and one song seems to want to trump the heartbreak of the other. Splendid!

We hiked today with Heinz and Andrea from the Austrian yacht YapYum in an extreme march across the island of Moorea.
This fantastic island still fascinates us like on the first day.
Now we are totally groggy with our "glider's legs" from hours of hiking.
We sit happily on board, letting the gentle waves rock us behind the reef, drinking a rum punch and listening to the singing and ukuleles.
Life is Beautiful!