Boring Sundays

5. March 2012, Monday
17° 32' 23" S, 149° 34' 29" W

How did you spend your last Sunday?
comfort you:
Sunday here in Papeete is just as boring as any Sunday here, or anywhere else in the world.
But the locals have fun. For them it is the day of the week.
Market day is very early, starting at 5 a.m. Then everyone comes from all over to make their bargains before going to church. Men, women, children and mahus.
Mahus are a typical Polynesian tradition, the so-called third sex.
If a family only has sons and no other family wants to exchange their daughter for a son, a boy is brought up as a girl without further ado.
It helps in the household, dresses like a woman and the interests are typically female.
They aren't transvestites, they're mahus and they're totally accepted by society here and a common sight on the streets. By no means are they exotic or are they gawped at, even if they are still walking around in women's clothes as older people. They're mahus...perfectly normal!
Despite being brought up as girls, some of them suddenly feel like men after puberty. Others remain mahus but are not gay and marry women, start families, others love men.
Did I forget something else...???
Oh yes:
Others work as prostitutes... so be careful if you're on holiday here and don't necessarily want to have such a sexual experience ;o