Unusual hustle and bustle

26. February 2012, Sunday
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We sailed back to Tahiti where one of those huge cruise ships arrived today.
Man, what an unusual rush.
Everyone is trying to grab a piece of the pie.
On such occasions, the tourism industry awakens from its usual slumber. Finally, a lot of coal comes to the island with the older Crusaders.
Everything is offered. From jet ski safaris to mountain hikes or sailing boat trips. (here the offer and the area of interest of the target group must be coordinated a little more precisely, o)
Somehow we feel sorry for these old wealthy folks.
It seems to us that the average age of the pale pensioners flooding the streets of Papeete is over 138.7 years.
Such a floating hotel stays one day in Papeete before continuing to Moorea, then Bora Bora and Fiji. Also all for one day.
For this, these people have now traveled thousands of air and nautical miles and have shelled out thousands of euros or dollars.
But let's be honest:
However, such a passenger sees next to nothing of the country and its people.