Blog by Uts

30. October 2011, Sunday
14° 58' 2" S, 147° 37' 21" W

As you know from the last logbook entry, Bertel flew to Nuku Hiva to take care of Stefan's ship together with Hannes (Pukuri).
The Baju is to be tentatively sailed to Tahiti where her future fate will be decided.
So, for once, there's my log entry today, Uts.
Just before leaving Rangiroa we were dying to dive outside of the famous Tiputa Pass.
Although I'm a relative novice diver and have only been diving for 2 years (I only officially got my license a few weeks ago ;o), I can assure you that one of the most beautiful dives is the "out in the deep blue".
The variety of colors quickly comes to an end here.
The color red has already ceased to exist from a depth of 5 meters and from a depth of 30 meters there are only green and blue tones.
It is a strange meditative feeling to look into the almost endless dark depths and not knowing any reason below for hundreds or thousands of meters.
Diving in the open sea off the Tiputa Pass is a great and exciting experience, not least because of the many fish, sharks, manta rays and dolphins. Highly Recommended!