We are leaving Moorea

14. September 2011, Wednesday
17° 33' 55" S, 149° 49' 33" W

It was time to say goodbye to Moorea, this beautiful little sister of Tahiti.
You will hardly find it on most maps, and if you do, then only as a point in the endless blue Pacific. But whoever gets to know her discovers that she is a world of her own and whoever discovers her on foot discovers that she is actually huge.
Your mountains, the fertile valleys, the crystal-clear water of the lagoons and the protective coral reefs, all of this feels like a piece of home to us after all these weeks.
We sailed back to Papeete/Tahiti to bunker provisions and diesel and to try to reach the Tuamotos Archipelago, which lies northeast of the Society Islands, from here when the wind turns southeast.