Cut off from the rest of the world

13. July 2011, Wednesday
8° 56' 36" S, 140° 9' 51" W

We often become aware of our isolation from the rest of the world when we are disconnected from the outside world for days or weeks.
No radio, no television, no telephone, no newspapers and, above all, no internet.
We don't know what's happening out there, living in our own world and enjoying the days that are rolling in.
A typical day looks like this:

8am in Hakaui Bay.
The heavy clouds are still hanging low in the bizarre mountains, which are overgrown with tropical vegetation up to the peaks. We started a 6 hour walk across this paradise island to the 3rd highest waterfall on earth.
Our path leads us through densely overgrown jungle, through a number of wild water streams, through valleys where elves seem to live, through magic forests and over sunlit clearings where, with a little imagination, the last unicorn may sometimes be grazing.
We just can't get enough of this rich nature.
Fruit grows everywhere. From the ubiquitous coconuts, to star fruit, pomelos, guava, papayas, avocados, limes, mangoes and more.
Mother Nature poured out her cornucopia so lavishly here that we are still amazed every day.