Plague of Civilizations: Missionaries!

23. June 2011, Thursday
8° 55' 3" S, 140° 6' 11" W

One of the greatest plagues that the western world has ever brought, and still brings, are missionaries of all churches and other sects.
In their religious zeal, these Christian Taliban destroyed entire cultures, including almost those of the South Seas.
Since the mid-1970s, people have been reflecting on their cultural roots, which were forbidden by the missionaries.
The tradition of the totoos, the old rites and customs, the old gods, the tikis.
(Unfortunately not in the tradition of free love and fortunately not in the tradition of canibalism :o)

We are on Nuku Hiva, the main island of the Marquesas, which together with its capital has only 2000 people and lots of tikis.
These ancient gods, carved from lava stone, are everywhere, despite the fact that the Polynesians are fervent Christians.
They have rediscovered their cultural heritage and are proud of it.
Good this way!