Las Pearls

21. April 2011, Thursday
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Where the Las Perlas got their name from is probably not too difficult to guess.
In 1515, Spanish conquerors discovered the archipelago, stole the enormous treasure of pearls from the local king and enslaved him and his people in the name of Holy Mother Church and the Spanish king colleague. It was just the norm back then ;o)

Passing uninhabited islands where thousands upon thousands of frigatebirds and pelicans breed, we anchor off the island of Contadora, the island of multimillionaires.

This can only be reached with your own ship, your own plane or small airliners that jet directly over our mast.
Incredibly beautiful villas used as 'weekend cottages' line the shoreline, where large motor yachts bobble in the sun.
The rich are among themselves!
The only black people you see on the island are staff.
Not much has changed since 1515.

Anyway, we wish you a sunny Easter in Germany.