lust for murder

20. April 2011, Wednesday
9° 0' 55" N, 79° 31' 8" W

As you know, if you enter a country with your own ship, you have to report to various authorities (customs, immigration, port authority, etc.) and declare your entry.
The same when leaving the country.

The odyssey began early at 9am.

We take a taxi to the harbor master in the container port of Panama City.
For 14 days, however, he has no longer been responsible for private yachts, but his colleague in the Flamenco Marina.
So off to the taxi and to the Flamenco Marina. Made!
Since we know that immigration in the marina is known for its corruption and repeatedly tries to rip off sailors with absurd fees that flow into private pockets, we take a taxi to the office in Balboa district.
There the officer finds that I'm missing a stamp and sends us by taxi to the responsible office in the Diablo district.
There they ask for the same copies of the papers as the colleague in the Balboa district.
However, the Diablo office does not have copiers. So, get in the taxi again and make copies at the shopping center.
In the meantime, the collar of the shirt is getting a little tight because my neck swells a little!
Taking a taxi back to the office in the Diablo district, the friendly, disinterested officer explains to us, while he is very concentrated and strenuously writing private text messages, that we need more copies and that we have to go to the copier again.
The tension on my collar is reaching dangerous levels...
Due to this spontaneous change in the size of the shirt collar, the guy finally came to the wise decision that these copies are unimportant. Class!

As we sit in the taxi again and drive towards the Balboa office to finally get the long-awaited exit stamp, I remember the entire text of Reinhart May's song: An application for an application for an application form.
(Listen, I think May was here years ago ;o)

One last bit of shopping at the fruit and vegetable market and the next morning we finally anchor and head west.

But before we finally sail into the paradise of the South Seas, we want to have a look at the Islas las Perlas and wait there for the right wind to the west.