Bye bye Rudi

25. February 2011, Friday
Position unbekannt

Even though our friend Rudi has been on board the Odin quite a few times, Panama was his most exotic destination to date.
Apart from the originality of the country, without a well-developed tourism industry, he was enthusiastic about the originality of local transport.
What he perceives as atmosphere in his discotheques and clubs like Zauberberg, Studio or Airport, he simply describes as overcrowding here in the ancient buses of Panama.
With full throttle and roaring engines, passengers desperately trying to get hold of something, the drivers race over the bumpy tracks in their brightly painted, junk-tired, long-dead US school buses.

Don't let the pictures fool you, because shortly after the photos were taken, the bus was so crowded that it was no longer possible to use the camera.
In any case, it was good training for Rudi for the narrow seat during the 13-hour return flight.

Bon voyage and see you next time dear Rudi.
We promise you even more adventure and exoticism for your next visit.