22. February 2011, Tuesday
9° 36' 38" N, 79° 35' 21" W

When we leave the bay of Isla Linton in the morning to sail with Rudi to Isla Grande, a catamaran that looks very familiar to us comes towards us.
And indeed it is the Pukuri.
Hannes and Christine were the first sailing friends Uts met two years ago on St. Lucia.
After exactly one year we met the two Austrians by chance in the cathedral. Rep. again just as we were leaving for Cuba - and now here in Panama.
Yes, I know what you're thinking, I'm repeating myself - but please, I can't help it:
Well, it had to be mentioned once!

The day on Isla Grande took some getting used to, because we hadn't experienced such mass tourism since San Andres.
Every weekend the city-dwellers from Colon and Panamaciti come here to pursue the favorite pastime of the Central Americans: eating and drinking.
Back in Puerto Linton we met the "Pukuris" and it was really nice to chat about old acquaintances and friends.
Who is sailing where now - what happened to whom - who broke something on board...etc.
Even if Rudi couldn't really blame himself for spinning sailor's yarn, it didn't seem that the stories bored him.