Queen Mother on board

26. January 2011, Wednesday
9° 30' 45" N, 79° 2' 23" W

I am sure that one day we will be made honorary citizens of Kuna-Yala.
Already for the 3rd time we went back to this paradisiacal archipelago.
However, this should now be the last time.
Queen Mother or Mother Uts is visiting and after we had sailed to Porto Belo with favorable winds and picked her up by taxi from Panama City, Uts wanted to show her mother some of the 365 islands and islets.

At the age of 72, the girl is on a sailing ship for the first time
-and respect- my initial fears regarding our sailing newcomer quickly turned out to be unfounded. Mother Schmidt didn't even get seasick on the crossing and she is surprisingly agile for her age.
Now I personally enjoy my Pascha life and let 2 girls cook for me ;o))