Mr. and Mrs. Baroness

27. December 2011, Monday
9° 0' 15" N, 77° 45' 18" W

At our last anchorage in Colombia/Cholon, we met another German couple who are sailing around the world with their sailing yacht.
Frank Ulrich Theodor Freiherr von den Bottlenberg - named von Schirp and his noble wife Dörte.
Well, the German nobility is no longer what it used to be, because until two years ago the Herr Baron had to work more or less hard for his bread, like the usual rabble.
The job as a music producer and sought-after sound engineer has enabled him to live aboard his yacht.
Of course, given the similarities between our former jobs, there are a number of mutual acquaintances and stories that amuse us all immensely.
It's really more detailed than in any gossip magazine ;o)
We sailed together with Frank and Dörte and their yacht "Elan" to Islas Pinós, one of the largest islands of the eastern San Blas archipelago.

As in Colombia, it's raining cats and dogs day and night. Shit weather! Entire jungle slopes are sliding down due to all the water and there is red mud everywhere.

We want to continue, but the wind is coming from exactly the direction we need to go. Now we have to wait and see that all wind and weather gods get in a better mood and that we get the right wind for our onward journey.

Hmmmmmm....what else is there....????
Oh yes, a happy and healthy 2011 to all of you.
Live your dreams!!!